Wednesday, May 14, 2014

268th Port Company WWII Album

The company "chow hound" sitting on the bumper of a 2.5 ton GMC "Jimmy" truck.
On eBay I recently found a WWII era scrap book which belonged to a guy who served in the 268th Port Company. My grandfather also served in an Army port company in WWII, and both companies were moving supplies in Antwerp at the same time. So, I just had to buy it.

I'm happy to have a fresh supply of photographs to share. There are lots of great snapshots of Antwerp, Belgium; LeHavre, France; and other places in Europe where my grandfather was.

The owner of the scrapbook built the hardtop for this Jeep. And what great hand-painted lettering on the hood!
"The official insignia of the outfit I work for. Neat Isn't It?"
It seems the owner of the scrapbook, George A. Oleskiewicz, served as a mechanic. The 268th Port Company was attached to the 13th Major Port while in Antwerp. So, that's what the "13" is all about in the insignia above. The ship captain's wheel shape is there because port companies were part of the US Transportation Corp, which featured the same captain's wheel in it's insignia.