Friday, July 26, 2013

240th Port Company roster WWII

This partial list of men in the 240th Port Company, 494th Port Battalion comes from an October 1944 document awarding the Good Conduct Medal. To learn what these guys were up to during the war read my short history of the 494th Port Battalion.

Morcle M. Andry (it was hard to read the first name)
Wilmer L. Alston
Charlie T. Brown
Newton B. Burton
Clifton Cutliff
Ely Doucet
Tom L. Ingram
Alexander S. Jackson
Robert H. Jones
Willie J. Jones
Johnnie H. Kennedy
Clarence Kershaw
Ralph M. Lewis
Abraham J. Mann
Lenard Mitchell
Earaton B. Moseley
William J. Nelson
Sherman R. Phillips
Frank Porcher
Willie L. Porter
Lucious J. Porter
William S. Queen
Robert N. Robinson
Howard E. Rutledge
Walter Shannon
Isiah Shuler
Leonard Simkins
Philip H. Smith
Willis Sumpter
James L. Thomas
Harvey Tribble
Louis J. Slaughter
Jack R. Wade
James Walker
William H. Walker
George O. Wilson

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  1. What About the 500th port Battalion Co. C & D at Cherbourg
    Landed on Utah Beach 10 days after D Day


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