Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More WWII Tampico Flats photos

Peter Sloboda was a member of the 280th Port Company of my grandfather's 519th Port Battalion. I recently received some of his war time photos. These show Tampico Flats, the apartment building that was home to the 517th and 519th port battalions while in Antwerp, Belgium. Click images to see a larger version.
I like this scene. Judging by the winter fatigues, I suspect that the shot was taken shortly after the battalion arrived in Antwerp in November of 1944. Note the carbines, which were the standard firearm of the port company troops.

Isidore Primis (left) and Peter (right) with a barrage balloon. Note the arc painted on the face of the GI's helmet. This marking was characteristic of unit in the 1st Engineer Special Brigade.

Peter also has photos of his train ride from Utah Beach to Antwerp. I'll post those shots later.

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