Wednesday, April 21, 2010

DUKW operation in Normandy photo

August 18, 1944. Pvt. Alfred Roberts of Tarrytown, NY and Pvt. Louis Peters of New York, NY in a DUKW which they use to transfer ammunition from a Liberty Ship to the Coast of France. These men have been operating with their company since D-Day.

I got this photo from the national Archives. This is a scan of a photocopy. I'm not sure if I will order a print for the book's interior or not.


  1. Interesting blog. I'm following my Dads wartime experiences in real time from Jan'45 to end of hostilities. He was a tail gunner in Lancasters.

    A wealth of info for the American researcher here.

    Great job.


  2. Hi Alistair, thanks for the comment. I've added you blog to my list.

    I was in your neck of the woods back in 1999. I was in Edinburgh for just a day and in Arbroath for a week.


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