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303rd Port Company roster WWII

This partial roster of the 303rd Port Company is based on an August 1944 list of Good Conduct medal recipients. The men were working on Utah Beach at the time. Officers were not eligible for this award, so they are not included in the list. If you recognize one of these guys, please get in touch.


first name? Bailey
C...? Dettloff
Raymond W. Villemure

Edgar H. Bedard
Frank E. Eastwood
Irving Hoffman
Edmund T. Long
Frederick J. Wiegand

Tec 4
Roy Bridges
Virgil W. Bruce
Russel C. Burns
Donald L. Clark
Clarence W. Craver
George Dowhy
George Fox
Nicholas Fusco
Thomas J. Jur
Patrick J. McCarthy
Raymond D. Mendini
Robert W. Milliron
Charles F. Plank
Dick E. Viar
Robert L. Vonier

Tec 5
Gilbert A. Brossman (may have been in the 304th at some point)
Howard R. Clark
Marvin O. Davis
Louis A. DeLuca
Charles R. DeRenzo
Raymond I. Dhesse
Harry R. Emanuel
Lincoln A. Frank
Maurice S. Giles
Isidore Goldberg
William H. Gramenz
Lawrence C. Hart
Ferd J. Hemmeter
Tony Horvat
Richard M. Icenhower
Martin J. Isaacson
Harry Israeloff
Russel F. Johnston
Walter Kaplan
Delos J. Kelley
Walter E. Lange
Clifford Lidskin
Paul E. Lytle
Edward McKiernan
Edmund G. Major
Norbert J. Moeller
Harold D. Moore
William L. Nusslein
Harold A. Peterson
Edwin M. Riedl
Clarence R. Strong
Robert J. Trainor
Edward J. Ulrich
Arthur A. Ware

James T. Burke
George Plummer (this name is from a 1945 document)
John J. Shaughnessy
Edward R. Wandtke
Edward F. Yahle

Walter J. Banaszak
Malcom F. Brenan
Edward T. Burns
Philip A. DeLuise
Peter A. Dottolo
Thomas W. Emerick
Walter F. Garlach
Albert DeLeonardis
Henry M. Gileta
Moe Gold
Edward J. Jasenovec
Arthur J. Jonuscis
Marshall O. Kenney
William Kumm
James C. Leone
Robert C. Letcher
Charles Lumer
Stanley J. Majeski
John J. McGee
Marvin B. Newman
Michael O'Kipney
Clifford H. Pickett
Robert M. Poeschl
Martin R. Pompa
John Rallis
Frederick J. Renner
Albert J. Ritta
Kenneth W. Roberts
Louis Rosenthal
Clyde E. Scott
Richard D. Skalecke
Frederick P. Tice
Vernon L. Warnes

Rosario J. Abbinanti
Harry Chernicoff
Aubrey M. Differt
Elmer J. Ewig
Hyman Goldstein
John E. Hehnen
Charles S. Hirschman
Fred J. Iraggi
Benjamin Korn
Isadore H. Lentz
Angelo A. Lofaso
Maurice D. Luther
Joseph F. McCaskill, Jr.
William J. Pelton, Jr.
Felix C. Whitaker
David L. Wollner

Unknown Rank
Lamar H. Parnell (This name was provided to me by his son.)


  1. Raymond Dhesse is my husband's uncle. You can reach us at

  2. if anyone knows how we can get in touch with Kenneth w. roberts on this list please post an e-mail address . We think we may be related to him. Thanks

  3. I'm afraid I am only in contact with men from the 304th Port Co. and HQ, but I will email if someone from this company contacts me.

  4. Sgt. Edmund T. Long is my father.

    You can reach us at

    How wonderful to come across this website and find my dad's name listed under the 303rd Port Company. His certificate from the people of Antwerp graces our living room wall.

  5. Pfc Marvin B. Newman was my father.
    I have always been incredibly proud knowing he was a part of the D-Day invasion. He died in 1965 and I was left with just a few 2nd hand stories about his role in the port battalion.
    I am thrilled to find this site and see some of the names of the brave men he served with.
    Mark Newman

  6. Richard D. Skalecke is my father.He is alive and well living in the Denver, CO metro area. I'm researching how he recieved 1 silver star, and 2 bronze stars....Please contact me @ Thank you! Marc Skalecke

  7. Pfc Richard D. Skalecke is my grandfather,
    He is currently 92 and recently I started hearing stories from him, which I'm very lucky to hear first hand and stumbled upon this in feeding my head with some background information this help tremulously, thank you for sharing this information.
    Bonnie Skalecke

  8. I know a man on this list. I cannot see your email. Can you please tell me who I contact?


Thank you for your comment! You can email me too (see at right).