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280th Port Company Roster WWII

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This partial roster of the 519th Port Bn., 280th Port Company is based on an August 1944 list of Good Conduct medal recipients. Officers were not eligible for this award, so they are not included in the list. If you recognize one of these names, please get in touch.

Leo C. Bemis
Louis Esposito
Ernest L. Kluttz, Jr.
Harry S. Nix
James E. Taylor
William J. White

James R. Arsenault
Edward S. Bettinger
Felix J. Chotkowski
Henry A. Ferrante
Edwin T. Ganung
William J. Millmore
Charles T. Padgett
Robert N. Palmer
Gerard A. Sullivan

Tec 4
Anthony J. Casalena
Arnold L. Gottlieb
Louis A. Grandjean
James G. Guariglia
Salvatore Ingoglia
Victor Kay
Warren F. Lollis
Raymond H. Maxie
Russell P. Moore
Mortimer J. Musnug
Howard Nelson
James F. O'Hara
Samuel I. Oster
Alvin H. Phillips
Enrico A. Starnadori

Donald E. Cooper
Robert J. Corbett
Jacob Grubard
Harry O. Krumsick (promoted to Sgt in August of 1945)
John H. McCoy
Steve M. McCracken
James E. Mosler
Samuel G. Paladino (promoted to Sgt in August of 1945)
Clarence D. Starr

Tec 5
Basil Auriemma
Fritz Bressel
Arnold A. Buehler
Emil G. Cappabianca
Alexander E. Carswell
Albert H. Christiansen
Fay E. Daley
Stanley J. Damulis
John DeStafanis
Raymond E. Fisher
John J. Fox. Jr.
Norman Gaiman
Anthony J. Galati
Nicholas Giardina
Thomas J. Ingrassia
Gustave H. Kahres
Louis R. Kinville
Charles B. Loving (or Loying?)
George J. Machosko
Peter J. Martori
Denis J. McCarthy
Frank G. McCleod
Joseph Miano
David Mittlemann
Henry J. Mongarello
??? Kelse?
James Parris
Harry Permitin
Eurl Pierce
Herbert O. Pierson, Jr.
Howard E. Pike
Thomas E. Pryor
Edwin F. Radel
Charley G. Revis
Robert S. Roberts
Philip Schwartz
Merchant D. Slocum
Ben B. Stockard, Jr.
Edward J. Walters
Howard J. Whaley

Robert E. Aydelotte
Irving Berkowitz
Sidney Buznitz
Stanley Caminiti
Louis P. Cici
Vincent J. Cordasco
Italo A. DeBartoli
Sam Dickson
Howard M. Donner
Stanley I. Dorsky
John M. Dunatov
Vito N. Ernest
Leonard F. Errico
Harry M. Fallick
Nat Feirstein
George E. Fox
William B. Freel
Charles Gallo
Salvatore Genovese
Francis J. Gesslein
John K. Gibbons
Norman Kalikow (transferred to the 280th in August 1945 from 734th Engr Hvy Shop Co.)
Charles Lee
Thomas Logan
Eugene A. Longhi
George S. Maggio
Carmin(e?) Maglia
Frank Magro
Harold Martin
Philip Martin
Conrad Masey
Edward Mathis
Anthony A. May
Thomas McCormick
Joseph Moscarello
Antonio C. Nunes
Willie R. Oakes
Ted J. Player
Nick Politakis
Isidore Primis
Peter C. Raffaele
Robert T. Rappa
William G. Ritzel
Anton A. Simmons
Peter Sloboda
Robert E. Stockland
Glynn R. Ward

Jules Beslowitz
Johnie T. Bowman
Wayne C. Bradbury
Benjamin B. Bucario
Robert W. Clemons
David Cohen
Tony Covello
Frank L. Delia
David Y. Dember
Salvatore J. Durante
John A. Eaton
Lewis E. Eckstein
Richard L. Edwards
Russell R. Everman
Mario Favara
Nicholas Ferrar
Albert Fine
Lloyd W. Fowler, Jr.
Charles Frankel
David M. Fromowitz
James J. Gallagher
Norman Kalikow
John J. Krushewsky
Edward C. Latimer
William E. Lazar, Jr.
Leland E. Leonard
Louis J. Lopez
John V. Miske
Jayroe A. Moore
Ra...? Moskowitz
Guy Neathery
James O'Donnell
Edwin B. Pisani
Marion E. Pittman
Jesse A. Pointer
William J. Pollard
John W. Rogers, Jr.
Morris Rubnitz
J. B. Smith
Romaine A. Smith
Dick VanderKlok
Travis L. Wells
Daniel Wincheter


  1. Italo (Bart) DeBartoliJune 8, 2010 at 8:07 PM

    June 6, 1944:
    The 519th Port Bn(-) landed on UTAH Beach.
    Due to the "Fog Of War", the 280th Port Co was directed to OMAHA Beach. Its members subsequently
    traversed over land through the town of CARATAN and reunited with their 519th Port Bn on D+8 at UTAH Beach.

  2. CORRECTION: "Carentan" Thank you

  3. Haven't head that before. Thanks, Italo. I spoke to Peter Sloboda today. He was in the 280th. Did you know him? I'd love to speak to you too. Could you send me an email?

  4. Yes, Andrew, I did know him. My daughter's e-mail is
    if you would like to get in touch with me.

    Italo (Bart) DeBartoli

  5. Can anyone tell me what division, infantry, etc. that this port co. joined after moving off the beach?? My father was a longshoreman and I am trying to retrace his route through the war. Any info would be help full. Thanks.

  6. Th 280th remained with the 519th Port Battalion, so the company's history from D-Day to the end of the war is covered on this blog and in the book.

  7. This thread seems old, but would like any information about John J. Krushewsky. He is my grand father and I would love to know more about him and his past. If anyone knows anything my name is jean Krushewsky and I can be contacted at

  8. Listed as a pvt, John J. Krushewsky, is my grand father.
    If anyone has any information about him, I would love for you to contact me. My email is

  9. This thread seems old, but would like any information about John J. Krushewsky. He is my grand father and I would love to know more about him and his past. If anyone knows anything my name is jean Krushewsky and I can be contacted at

  10. i have recently purchased an original photo of the 280th. measures about 36" x 11". courageous looking group of men.

  11. I might be late to this post but just recently found my Grandfathers name Isidore Primis listed above. If anyone has any info/stories please email I recently bought the book and look forward to reading it in the near future.

  12. Andrew my grandfather was Enrico Starnadori! Please email me at

  13. Jules Beslowitz is my husband grandfather. I can be contacted at


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