Monday, November 23, 2009

519th Port Battalion Headquarters roster

Bruce Kramlich saved a few papers from his time in the 519th's Headquarters. Among them is a list of enlisted men awarded the Good Conduct Medal in August 1944. I'm very interested in these papers because they provides a near comprehensive list of the men in the battalion. The official unit rosters were lost in the 1973 National Archives fire. I'm typing out al the names in the hope of attracting the attention of these veterans or their families. Unfortunately, officers are excluded from receiving this medal, so they aren't on the list. Their names come from talkign to Bruce.

Major Charles H. Nabors (commander of the 519th, from Florida)
Captain Samuel Klauber (commanded 519th Medical Detachment)
Captain Glenn T. Foust, Jr. (medical detachment)
Captain Knauer
Captain F. W. Coykendall
Thurman F. Bowers (Chaplain from Greensboro, NC)

Enlisted Men:
M/Sgt Seymour Zeeman
T/Sgt Edward C. Watson
1st Sgt Alex Wanczak
Tec 3 Dallas K. Rudrud (from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Served in 305th and 303rd Port Co.s)
Tec 4 Roger N. Lawrence
Tec 5 Edwin B. Byrom (jeep driver for Nabors)
Tec 5 Lawrence H. Botzon
Tec 5 Stanley M. Gadd
Tec 5 Matthew A. Marvin (I have spoke with his brother)
Tec 5 Albert Wishner
Pfc Richard B. Heist
Pfc Bruce C. Kramlich (we speak alot)
Pfc Elwood C. McDonald
Pvt Toivo H. Hamberg
Ralph? Richard (from New Hampshire)

According to the veterans I speak to HQ also included: O'Conner, Milliorn, Geyer, Holngren, and Isaac Chancey.

These four names are according to a note on one of Bruce's photos (pictured above) The picture was taken at the HQ building in Bristol, England. In the front row (right to left) are Geyer, Holngren, and Roger Lawrence. In the middle row are Marvin, Rudrud, Zeeman, Watzon, and Bruce Kramlich. In the back row are O'Conner, Botzen, Edwards, and Milliorn.

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  1. My father, William Thomas Kessler, was a member of the 519th AAA during the Battle of the Bulge. I would like to learn more.


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