Tuesday, January 5, 2016

5th Engineer Special Brigade headed to Omaha Beach

I found this color photo of members of the 5th Engineer Special Brigade in Weymouth, England. They're loading landing craft to head over to Omaha Beach, June 1944. You can lisence this image as a stock photo from Galerie Bilderwelt. (And you can browse their collection to see more photos of Operation Overlord)

The 5th ESB along with the 6th ESB were responsible for all logistics in Omaha Beach during the Normandy invasion and the months after. The Normandy beaches were the main place to land troops and supplies while the Allies waited for the sea ports of Cherbourg and Antwerp to be opened (the Fall of 1944). 

Check out my color photo of members of the 1st Engineer Special Brigade on Utah Beach. (My grandfather's battalion was attached to the 1st ESB in Normandy.)

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  1. Cant find roster of 5th Special Briade...lookin for Robert E Hammarstrom


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