Tuesday, November 4, 2014

280th Port Company group photo

A couple months ago the granddaughter of Enrico "Rick" Starnadori emailed me. His 280th Port Company and my grandfather's 304th Port Company were in the same battalion. She was nice enough to scan her grandpa's copy of the company's group photo.

Click on this photo for an enlarged image (then you can save the larger version to your computer)
The inclusion of the African-American sitting in the photo is interesting. The army was segregated during World War II, so there were all-black units, such as the 490th Port Company which was on Utah Beach and the 494th Port Battalion which was on Omaha Beach.

In a previous post I shared a near-complete roster of the 280th Port Company.


  1. I have read this with interest but I am looking for information on the 17th Port. Was it part of another group? Any information will help me out.

    1. I haven't research the 17th Port specifically, but I know that units like it (the 13th Port for instance) were in charge of managing all logistics in their region (often including multiple sea ports). This post mentions the 17th in Germany: http://www.longshoresoldiers.com/2012/08/a-short-history-of-487th-port-battalion.html


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