Sunday, February 23, 2014

Docks in WWII Antwerp

From the collection of Theron P. Snell.
Theron P. Snell shared two photos in Antwerp during WWII. They came from Maynard P. Short, who served in the 282nd Ord. Ballistic detachment. It looks like a pretty quiet day at the docks in 1945.

From the collection of Theron P. Snell.
John Partridge served as a lieutenant with the 13th Major Port during the war, and picked up this map of the docks.

Map of the Antwerp docks
I also scanned an aerial photo showing the section of the port operated by the Americans. This was in a history book of the 13th Major Port printed in 1950.

Aerial view of the American section of the Port of Antwerp in WWII.
Another aerial view of showing warehouses lining the docks.