Sunday, July 10, 2011

Headquarters, 494th Port Battalion roster

In my continuing research in to WWII port battalions I requested the National Archives' historic report of the 494th Port Battalion. Among the papers was a May 1945 list of men receiving the Individual Service Award of the Bronze Arrowhead for their part in the Normandy invasion. The list offers a near-complete roster of the men in the battalion. I'm reproducing the names here in the hopes that family members find dad or grandfather. I want connect people with the remarkable service of the WWII port companies.

HQ Officers
Maj. Donald E. Campbell ( took command on October 7, 1945) • 1st L. Earl P. Campbell (took command on November 27, 1945) • Capt. Uriah H. Hunter • WOJG Johnnie A. Jones • Maj. Ashford T. Jordan • Lt. Col. Walter L. McKee • Capt. David Ornstein • CWO Russel L. Patterson • Capt. Alvin B. Rubin (took command on December 6, 1945) • Edward J. Tetrauls (adjutant) • Maj. Paul L. Warner

HQ Enlisted Men
Lawrence P. Amedee • Eugene M. F. Bash • Otis E. Battles • Clarence C. Carter • Joseph T. Flagg • Earney M. Hargrove • Leonard Harris • Walter B. Hollis • William R. Jackson, Jr. • James A. Jeter • Herman A. Jones • Alfred C. McGee • Ralph H. Micks • William M. Perry • Thomas Newton, Jr. • Duronza H. Reeves • Richard Sawyers • James A Turner • Z. T. J. Walker • Malcom C. Wells

Medical Detachment
James E. Baker • James W. Burton • William A. Dorsey • John L. Jenkins

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