Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Night at the 3rd Annual WWII Ball, Boulder, CO

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On Saturday the 18th I went to the 3rd annual 1940s WWII Era Ball in Boulder, Colorado. There was a huge turnout with nearly everyone arriving in costume. A big band played, along with a Sinatra singer, and an Andrew's Sisters tribute. There was a collection of vintage vehicles and aircraft on display. The most impressive were the Stuart tank (above) and the Navy Avenger (below).

My daughter posing in front of the Avenger.

I sold a few books, talked to a bunch of people, and hung out with 519th Port Battalion veteran Bruce Kramlich. He lives here in Colorado, so he was able to join me at my table. Bruce was pleased to talk to people about his service. The Ball's net proceeds support The Wounded Warriors Project and The Spirit of Flight Center.

P.S. Today I had the treat of seeing the Avenger fly right over our house as it departed Boulder Airport. WWII era aircraft have such a distinct rumbling engine. The plane's sound announced its arrival before it came into view.

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