Wednesday, January 12, 2011

13th Major Port roster, part 3

Three chapters of my book deal with WWII Antwerp. In overall command of the American supply operations in this city was the 13th Major Port. The 13th had also been managing port operations in England during the build up to Normandy. To help those researching their family history I'm posting names from a 1946 unit roster here and in two other posts. If you see your dad or grandfather in the list feel free to get in touch. Also, be sure to see my other 13th Port history articles.

William J. Antol • Philip J. Avila • Victor E. Bergstrom • Emanuel Bookbinder • Harold L. Bressler • Charles A. Bucklar • Thomas D. Bumbaugh • James J. Cordani • Morton Dannenhirsch • Rev. Martin S. Durkin (chaplain) • Charles H. Heed • Robert J. Gallagher • George Gavula • James A. Keane • Michael A. Laske • Walter D. McCord • Harry B. Mole • Edgar M. Murray • Jesse E. Hawk • William R. Haynes • Albert E. Jackson • Charles J. Jaracz • Browney R. Joxz • Leonard S. Kamp • John A. Kiesel • Francis A. Kremer • George Lashinsky • Joseph W. Moshinski • David I. Nevling • John W. Orum • George Polensky, Jr. • Romanus Peters • Kenneth J. Smith • Peter VanSovich • Joseph Weiss

Edward C. Forsythe • Dominico Caporal

Frederick D. Biggs • Charle L. Cain

James E. Keegan

Wallace Adams • Charles V. Fyke • W. E. Long

Durward E. Ashworth • Charlie A. Baker • Carl Biehl • John T. Cleghorn • Edwin D. Depew • Theodore R. Duchamp • Leonard W. Moreland • Dougal C. Pope • Daniel Teran • Bertrum A. Vigeant • Steward E. Young

Dr. Harry R. Lancaster • Thomas Ford, Jr.

Richard A. King • John A. Craig

James C. Sherman • William W. Face • Floyd M. Thornburg

George F. Heaney • Paul Lucien • Harry L. Mills • Hunter H. Morrison • Paul M. Roberts • Edward H. Tate • Will Thomas

Norlan L. Beitz • Anthony L. DeRenzo • Harry R. Harless • Eugene B. Hosaflook • Lankford H. Johnson • Joe Messineo • Charles W. Pennybacker • Ralph D. Persinger • Ronald R. Sharps • Elmer W. Tabor

Richard Bernstein • Ralph W. Cooke, Jr. • Frederick E. Pietzuch

Grimsby, Lincolnshire
Arthur Storey
I am guessing that this English guy was not an official member of the 13th Port, but was maybe a liason that worked with the Americans.


  1. We just purchased a beautiful wooden truck with Edward H. Tate's name, also listing the 13th Port headquarters, a bunch numbers and seems Edward was a Major. The trunk is in exceptional condition.

  2. A wooden truck as in a vehicle with a wooden storage area?


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