Monday, November 22, 2010

Ravenoville, Normandy Then & Now

When I shared a scan of Marvin Newman's photo album with my new friend David in Ravenoville, France he immediately recognized a street corner in his town. At the top is a photo he snapped last week. Below is the same corner in 1944. If you look at the right you can see two 519th Port Battalion GIs. The arc on one guy's helmet is recognizable as a tiny white line. (click the photos to see a larger version)

Ravenoville was the closest town to where my grandfather's battalion bivouacked off Utah Beach. They were camped in an apple orchard 1.5 miles south of town from June 24th to November 15, 1944. David, who lives there now, is working on a project to map out all the US casualty markers on the roads around Utah Beach. More on that to follow.


  1. I love Then & Now pictures and this is a good one. The positioning of the modern photo is pretty much spot on and very well executed. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Thanks. I email with a guy who did the modern photos of Antwerp in my other "Then & Now" labeled post. I keep telling him he should start a blog of these photos. He has a ton of modern shots in Belgium based on the same angle as old WWII photos.

  3. Then and now photos are fascinating. Congratulations on publishing and designing your book. It looks great


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