Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Duchemin family orchard

While working on Utah Beach the 519th Port Battalion camped in an apple orchard owned by the Duchemin family. The above photo comes from Bruce Kramlich from HQ. Back row: Mr. and Mrs. Duchemin, Ralph "Pop" Richard, and Mrs Duchemin's mother, Mme. Hamel. Front row: Marie, Corentin, Geneviève, Camille, and Andrée. If you know any of the Duchemin family, please let me know. I would like to learn where exactly they had their farm. I know it was about 1 and a half miles south of Ravenoville, Normandie.

Update December 2015: I got in touch with Corentin and with the son of Andrée. The Duchemin family still runs the farm! 

In the background of the above photo you can see a line of huts built with dunnage (scrap wood from the cargo hold). A-frame roofs straddled their fox holes for better protection from the elements. See this post for a detailed description of their huts.

Above photo shows a GI using his helmet as a wash basin for a shave.  Because the 519th was a non combat battalion the men had the time to take pictures of their daily life.

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  1. I am Related to the Duchemin because my grandmother was Marie Duchemin’ first cousin. I am so proud of my brave family and my norman heritage! Emmanuelle


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