Monday, August 30, 2010

More stevedore softball

Chapter 14 of my book talks of the 519th's activities in Belgium after Germany surrendered, but before the troops were shipped home. Sports were a popular way to alleviate boredom and keep idle men out of trouble.

The daughter of a 519th Port Battalion member found this blog, and sent the above photo. Terry's dad was Raymond W. Otto, who served in the 302nd Port Company and played on the battalion softball team. Her photo shows the team in Marseille, France after a game in 1945. She also provided my book with another team photo taken in front of Tampico Flats.

At left are a few newspaper clippings from Stars and Stripes. Larry Botzon from 519th HQ saved these. They describe the team's success. The 519th softball players were the champions of Belgium and European finalists. Click image for a larger view.

See my original softball article about the European Theater military softball league.

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