Monday, July 5, 2010

281st Port Company roster WWII

The sad thing is I don't have an names for the 281st Port Company. The surviving 519th Port Battalion HQ documents date to August 1944. This was before the 281st was attached. If you, you're dad, uncle, etc. was in the 281st, then please let me know. I'd like to include his name here.


  1. Hi Andrew,

    I wish to add the first name to your roster for the 281st Port Company, 505th Port Battalion, later to be attached to the 519th Port Battalion at Antwerp, Belgium. It is Pvt. Walter A. Rahn Jr., my father who passed away on October 14, 1983.

    He was from Utica, New York and was drafted in 1943. He decided to enter the army in February, 1943 before graduating from high school. Hope this is a beginning as I hope to find out some background information myself.

    Thank you for your efforts and this site.

    Mark E. Rahn

  2. Andrew,
    I would also like to add a name to your roster for the 281st Port Company. It is Staff Sargent John M. Travis, my father who passed away September 8, 1995.
    I have enjoyed your book and pleased to finally find some detailed information of the Port Companies of WWII.

    Thank you for your work,

    C. J. Travis


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