Tuesday, April 20, 2010

WWII US Army Field Manuals

In my research I often turn up resources that would be useful to those studying any WWII Army unit. Here's the latest: WWII era War Department field manuals. These guidebooks were distributed to soldiers for their specialized training. There are a couple military websites that offer scans of these field manuals as free downloadable PDFs. I found FM 55-105 Ports (Oversea), 1945; FM 55-105 Water Transportation: Oceangoing Vessels, 1944; and FM 55-110 Transportation Port Companies Military Stevedoring, 1952.

The above three are all valuable to my particular research, but there are also manuals on a wide range of other subjects: weapons and vehicles, infantry units, Quartermaster operations, the Signal Corp, etc, etc. To see a full listing of WWII US Army field manuals click here. Some PDFs are downloadable from that site, but also see:

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  1. Andrew,
    Nice Blog! I have started blogging as well, although my focus is more on the doctrine and organization of our Army as it prepared and progressed through the war. I have focused on esoteric matters so far, as I get my "blog legs" under me. Anyway, I have just written a short piece about the "Field Manual of Field Manuals" FM21-6. Not sure if this helps you, but it is on topic. Thanks for a cool blog, and I look forward to reading through it.
    John Harman "Scarred1"


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