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305th Port Company roster WWII

This partial roster of the US Army's 305th Port Company, 519th Port Battalion is based on an August 1944 list of Good Conduct medal recipients. The men were working on Utah Beach at the time. Officers were not eligible for this award, so they are not included in the list. If you recognize one of these guys, please get in touch.

Charles Mercuric
William F. Sheehan

Herbert E. Crampton, Jr.
William M. Foyle
Charles C. Maxwell, Jr.

Tec 4
Roy E. Carter
Robert M. Dawson
Lester S. Faine
James F. Golembowski
Sol Hoffman
Robert B. Holmgren
Edwin Lornson
Charles J. Mahoney
Kenneth D. McDaniel
James M. Oldani
Howard S. Pinkston
Joseph A. Rosenberger
Gerald T. Smith
David Spartz
Joseph J. Toscano (this name comes from a 1945 document)
Frederick T. ???war?
James C. Trudeau
John Zaher

Floyd H. Coles (this name comes from a 1945 document)
Rayond Gagnon (this name comes from a 1945 document)
Raymond Goodson
Henry Kaiser
Emil H. Krueger
Robert B. Nelson

Tec 5
Ervie Anderson
Trygve Benson
David Bolton, Jr.
Bernard J. Brown
Abraham M. Chudnow
Theodore E. Darrow
Albert J. DeSimone
Aaron Dorfman
Charles H. Eichenberg
Joseph R. Farina
Leonard J. Giordano
Herman W. Gorsky
Morris Greenberg
Leonard Henigson
Eliot L. Hirsch
Bertram L. Kime
Deane A. Knapp
Henry E. Lee
Farrell E. Lykins
Leroy J. Markgraf
Biagio A. Masturzo
Waldron G. Meyers
Wayne O. Neff
LaVErne Olsen
Arthur H. Opsahl
Edward D. Ryan
Frank A. Sacco
Herman A. Schneider
Abraham A. Siegel
Gordon A. Spitzer
Robert M. Stift (this name comes from a 1945 document)
Albert M. Trapp
John C. Trione
Norman R. Will

Wallace L. Blodgett
Timothy J. Cavey
Michael A. Coleman
William H. Draeger, Jr.
Harold G. Ehlers
Cleo I. Foster
Kurt Fuld
Joseph Grosso
Michael Haberern, Jr.
Lawrence E. Hull (this name comes from a 1945 document)
George Immekus
Clifford R. Johnson
Melvin Kaplan (this name comes from a 1945 document)
Murray Kimler
John P. Macukas
Raymond E. Mallard
Michael M. Mangini
Arthur J. McMullen
Erwin L. Miller
William G. Oberlander
Wallace J. Oden
William L. Page
Frank Pasore
Meyer Penn
Loyd B. Pitts
Raymond A. Rappa
James A. Read
Joseph A. Rogan
Stanley J. Roicki, Jr.
Eldor A. Rosenow
George J. Sciascia
Ernest Sokel (this name comes from a 1945 document)
John T. Swaim
Steve A. Talaski
Martin F. Whetsell

Raymond L. Boyd
Harold E. Britton
Duane I. Brockway
Chester E. Cordts
Thomas Desmond
Andrew J. Feliton, Jr.
Jacob Fox
Edgar A. Griefendorf
William P. Groth
Russell W. Hess
Walter J. Holston
Sam Lerner
Jack R. Leskey
James J. Lyons
Stanley Manilow
Max Margolis
Frank McKenna
Gerald E. McLin
Walter Mensinger
Jack Pierce
Rupert J. Pomper
Orlando Rodriguez, Fr.
Leon Rosenfeld
Norman Rosenzweig
Conrad F. Schneider
Arthur E. Tewes
Harris J. Winkelstein


  1. The soldier in this picture on the logo of the website (from the photo that is on the cover of this book) is my father! He is in the lower left hand corner. His name is Captain Samuel Klauber, MD, Army Medical Core. This picture has been a family treasure and it was such a great honor to see it on the cover of the Longshore Soldiers. My father is still alive at 101 years of age. He shared with me many stories about serving in WWII, but he never would talk about D-Day. If anyone knows any of the other soldiers in this picture please respond.

  2. My father's name is on your list above, Gordon A Spitzer. I don't see him in any of the photos that I've looked at so far. I have a box of photos that he took while overseas during the war. If you have any interest in reaching me please email me at Thanks and fantastic work!

  3. Hi.
    My grandfather is listed here, Albert M. Trapp. Would love to hear from anyone on this list that knew him. Also interested in the medal he may have been awarded. Thanks.

    my email:

    my address:

    Pamela Gaska
    133 Murphy Lane
    Nicholasville, KY. 40356


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