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279th Port Company Roster WWII

This partial roster of the 279th Port Company, 519th Port Battalion is based on an August 1944 list of Good Conduct medal recipients. The men were working on Utah Beach at the time. Officers were not eligible for this award, so they are not included in the list. If you recognize one of these names, please get in touch.

William H. Jackson, Jr.
Mordecai L. Solomon

Henry J. Bachman
MIchael C. Benicky
Reburn A. Epley
Henry J. Koch
Andrew D. Leggett
Emile A. Liberatore
William A. Mahoney
Greg Parente

Tec 4
Robert G. Dycus
Earnest W. Haynes
Claude H. Hinson
Albert J. Kremers
Charles R. Lusky
Raymond J. Mazzone
Andrew Muir
Peter J. Munley
Harold V. Putland
William E. Scanlon
Michael J . Walsh

Anthony J. Barone
Harold Eisenberg
Winford H. Frick
Perry R. Hendrix
James A. Hindman
Harry Korslund
Benjamin Michniewicz

Tec 5
Albert J. Alogna
John F. Baer
Cosmo T. Barbaro
William R. Bennett
Solomon R. Bijou
Harry J. Blair
Tullio S. Brancaccio
Joseph W. Cervera
John J. Czinke
Clarence E. Evans
Alexander V. Feraro
Cager D. Finch
Rubin L. Gorewitz
Frank J. Gualtieri
Roy H. Hensley
Joseph M. Hunter
Howard M. Ingle
Sam Justice
John Koster
John Kowalski
Michael Krutz
Robert P. Lennox, Jr.
John E. Lucassen
Michael J. Maresca
Thomas C. McCrady
Frank R. McPike
Salvatore J. Moffa, Jr.
Joseph P. Neglia
Frank A. Nicholson
John J. O'Brien
Aloysius A. Pentony
George T. Ruggles
William J. Ryan, Jr.
Howard D. Stein
Murray Steinberg
Hugh J. Ward
William H. Welsh
Donald R. Wotton

Rocco N. Alesandro
Robert J. Berg
Darwin A. Blake
Frank Bonanzo
Thomas J. Boyle
Saverio Bruzzi
Romuald Chodkowski
Samuel J. Cubito
Walter Davis, Jr.
Victor J. DeSantis
Bernard Donitz
John S. Eassy
William R. Eisenhauer
Frederick G. ?
Milton J. ?
Harold M. Haabestad
Dorsey H. Hard??
Joseph G. Harr?m
Tommie D. Harrison
James B. Hawkins
William Hecht
Leon C. Herd
Charles I. Hummer
Fred A. Icard
Herbert G. Israel
John W. Martin
Fred Meditz
John J. Millman
Angelo J. Minuti
Anthony M. Nicholais
Benjamin C. Papa (Benny Papapierto)
Robert L. Ragan, Jr.
Pedro Rodon
Stanley Rethman
Gilfford E. Schmalia
Herbert Tepel
Joseph Trovato

Charles A. Arnone
Frank L. Areassa
MIchael J. Baiera
Joseph Barbitta
Joseph Belilos
William H. Binninger
Robert L. Bodarky
Edward J. Burns
Hector J. Consorte
James R. Dalton
Peter A. Del Greco
William Gibson
William T. Hagar
Robert W. Hankey
Virgile H. Harris
Julian C. Haselden
Cecil O. Hea?th
Paul M. Henderson
Claude H. Hendrickson
William H. Hunt
Walter N. Johnsen
Eli Kleiman
Jerome J. Manketo
Donald E. Mather, Jr.
Louis Nicotera
Mario A. Parisella
Arthur J. Savoy
Edward W. Szezecinski
Stanley S. Weir


  1. Andrew,
    My Dad was in the 279 Port company. His good conduct medal was awarded when the company was in Leharve france.
    Joe P.

  2. Hi Joe. Could you send me an email? I have not spoken to any vets or (family members) out side HQ and the 304th Port Co. I'm interested in the perspective of the 279th.

  3. my father-in-law is greg parente. anyone who served with him that would like to get in touch with him can reach me at my name is tom considine

  4. my dad was in this company..

  5. I am writing a book based on Gaetano Benza's life and experiences in the 279th during WWII. Two of his friends, Bernard Donitz and Robert Berg are on this partial roster. It's amazing to see the names of these two soldiers; however, I don't see Gaetano Benza.

  6. My father is in this roster

  7. My Uncle is Pfc Romuald Chodkowski

  8. My grandfather was Aloysius A Pentony, I can be reached at
    Thank You, Rob Pentony

  9. My Grandfather, Donald Wotton, was in this unit. I'd be interested to hear from anyone with information about him or this unit. -Mike


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