Wednesday, December 23, 2009

519th HQ guys and Company Clerks

Here's another photograph of some 519th Port Battalion HQ guys. The shot was taken at Camp MacKay, Boston, Mass., 1943. On the left is Matt Marvin. Next to him in the shadows is Bob Holmgren (clerk for the 302nd Port Co.). Then Ed Watson in front. Edwards is fourth (he was a clerk for the 303rd Port Co.) In the back row smoking a cigarette appears to be Sgt. Alex Wanczak* of HQ. On the right is Richard Heist.

*The guy I have labeled as Wanczak, Bruce Kramlich thinks is Melhorn (clerk for the 305th Port Co.). I'm quite sure it is actually Wanczak. While we're talking about company clerks, John O'Connor was the Co. Clerk for the 304th.

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