Thursday, December 31, 2009

Camp McKay, late 1943 to early 1944

These shots were taken at Camp McKay, Dorchester, Mass. near Boston in the fall/winter of 1943 or spring of 1944.

Pictured in the top photo: Dave Weaver, John O'Connor, and Bruce Kramlich.
Bottom photo: M/Sgt. Zeeman, and Sgt. Calfee


  1. I have several photos of my Father & other soldiers he served w/ while at Camp McKay w/ the
    518th Bn., TC.
    Tom Vantre

    1. Hi Tom, I'd love to see those photos if you can scan them. Unfortunately, I don't have too much info on the 518th. I know they were in Utah Beach along with my grandfather's 519th, and Cherbourg after that, but The National Archives doesn't have much detail.


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