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304th Port Company roster WWII

Second Platoon of the 304th Port Company, 519th Port Bn.
near Dorchester, MA USA 1943

The following list of 304th Port Co. personnel is pulled from a number of sources: 1. an August 9, 1944 paper recommending men for the Good Conduct Medal. This provides the bulk of names. Unless otherwise noted, the names bellow are from this source. Unfortuantely, some of the names have faded over time. I have placed a question mark next to names or spelling where I had trouble reading; 2. a June 10, 1944 Morning Report; 3. a December 1943 pay roll record; 4. a August 15, 1945 notice of promotions record; 5. veteran interviews

This list isn't complete, but it's the most comprehensive list around. If you recognize any names, please get in touch.

1st Lt William C. F. Lawler (took command of the company in January 1945, source 4.)
2nd Lt John C. Winfree (source 2.)
2nd Lt. Gardner (source 5.)
2nd Lt. Renfrew (source 5.)
1st Sgt Albert H. Bratzel
S/Sgt James J. Dolan (third platoon)
S/Sgt Willard J. LaBarge (from Tupper Lake, NY)
S/Sgt Julian Schwartzberg
S/Sgt Delbert C. Staggs
Sgt Samuel T. Scanlon
Sgt Donald W. Wood (clean cut young fella from the midwest, a real "straight arrow")
Sgt Anthony Borkowski (source 4.)
Tec 4 John J. Cornacchi
Tec 4 Robert F. Lipke
Tec 4 Robert M. Marx
Tec 4 George? Massing
Tec 4 John O'Connor (company clerk from Boston, Mass.)
Tec 4 Palmer Perkins
Tec 4 Ralph F. Phelan (source 2.)
Tec 4 Ralph Ponomar?
Tec 4 Norman Radtke
Tec 4 Joseph Savarese
Tec 4 Edward Varnum
Tec 4 Efrain G. Vidaurri
Tec 4 William P. Wilder
Cpl Donald L Hartung (friend of my grandpa, from NJ)
Cpl George W. Klipfel (source 4.)
Cpl James J. Labita
Cpl Wilton M. Reavis
Cpl Edward L Smolen
Cpl Moubray Stoll
Cpl Clemens F. Uptmor Jr.
Cpl Lawrence L. Wantland (source 4.)
Cpl John J. Wilson (source 4.)
Tec 5 Abelardo Alvarez
Tec 5 Morey Berger
Tec 5 Morris Bernstein
Tec 5 William H. Bowers Jr.
Tec 5 Sylvester P Dzikonski
Tec 5 Thomas A. Gardner Jr.
Tec 5 Robert S. Gauron
Tec 5 LeeRoy C Harringer
Tec 5 Joseph B. Heinz
Tec 5 Cortland Hopkins (my grandpa)
Tec 5 Edward J. Kaniewski
Tec 5 William J. Kelly
Tec 5 Steve J. Kocela
Tec 5 Richard C. Krause
Tec 5 Samuel Levine
Tec 5 Leslie lilien
Tec 5 Joseph Maizlish
Tec 5 Earl E. Maloney
Tec 5 William V. McCullough (source 2.)
Tec 5 Thomas J. Reiter
Tec 5 Harry I. Ross
Tec 5 James F. Ryan
Tec 5 Joseph A. Schilling (source 3.)
Tec 5 William L. Schroeder
Tec 5 Arthur J. Schroedter (source 3.)
Tec 5 John E. Shireman ("Jack" we talk)
Tec 5 Raymond P. Sonoski (source 4.) we talk
Tec 5 Charles Spencer
Tec 5 Roy O. S?
Tec 5 Jack C. ???etzky
Tec 5 Thomas F. Viele
Tec 5 James L. Whitby
Tec 5 Aloysius C. Wiesbrock (from Wisc.)
Tec 5 Anthony V. Watson (source 3.)
Tec 5 Julius Zalesky (source 3.)
Pfc Richard L. Baeten
Pfc Robert J. Ballenger (source 2.)
Pfc Philip Baratz
Pfc Edward Barlow (source 4.)
Pfc Edward G. Breitenfeldt
Pfc Alvin J. Brettman
Pfc Allen P. Boegner (source 3.)
Pfc George W. Cagle
Pfc Richard H. Chitty ("Hal")
Pfc Howard E. Clark
Pfc Wallace C. Gilbert
Pfc Harold J. Haack
Pfc Raymond D. Hankins (source 2)
Pfc Lloyd H. Hoover
Pfc Richard J. Justice (source 4.)
Pfc Albert J. Karowski (source 2)
Pfc Morris E. Klinger
Pfc Herbert P? Koller
Pfc Franklin W. Lentz
Pfc Anthony J. Litvin (source 4.)
Pfc Walter McKinney
Pfc Louis M. Oromaner (source 4.)
Pfc Dominic C. Parise
Pfc James O. Ruidl ("Red")
Pfc Lyle M. Schlekau
Pfc Melvin E. Schon
Pfc John E. Stonestreet
Pfc Israel Sugarman ("Irving" or "Sugi")
Pfc Edward ?. Vitkovich
Pfc Johnnie A. Williams (source 4.)
Pfc Robert R. Woodcock
Pfc Morris Yohai
Pvt Francesco Barone (source 2)
Pvt Nicholas A. Cannone
Pvt James E. Curry (source 2.)
Pvt Albert L. DiJohn
Pvt Hartley G. Husted (source 4.)
Pvt Andrew J. Kostur (source 4.)
Pvt Sidney H. Kraus (source 2)
Pvt Vernsley G. McLaughlin (source 4.)
Pvt Harold B. Pollack
Pvt Kurt Schiff
Pvt Benjamin Sherman
Pvt Walter M, Slasinski (source 2)
Pvt Leo Sommer
Pvt Lionel L. Ridgeway (source 2)
Pvt Robert C. Sorenson
Pvt Jack J. Swope
Pvt Irwin Tobe
Pvt Dwayne E. Trantham (source 2)
Pvt Peter J. Tyrcha
Pvt John Crupi (from newspaper article)

Other names mentioned in interviews (source 5.):
Dave Weaver
Jim McConchie (from Paris, Il)
Woodrow Wilson (Heatherly, NC)
Harley Baily (from Incline, Ken. carried his guitar all the way from IGMR to Antwerp!)
Verle W. Hamilton (from southern Illinois)
All the above were members of Dave Weaver's section

Robert G. Calfee (from Radford, Virginia. Leader of 2nd section of the 2nd platoon)
Rick Pinicotti
Mike DeLaura ("the Mouse")
Ken Roberts (Milwaukee, WI)
Roger Deane (southern Ill)
Gene(Harry) (from Davenport, Ill)
Gilbert Mello (Mellow? Company cook. from East Coast?)
Pvt. Frank Rodriguez (from NY)


  1. It is very hard to obtain information on the "Port Company". Do you have any information on the 596th Port Co-7/1944 to 6/1945. My father served with them in the ETO during this time as a 1st LT.Robert Burns (England & Glascow, Scotland).

  2. I think your best best is to ask the National Archives for the historic report. I outline how to do this on my March 31st post

  3. Andrew -- I just came upon your blog. William J. Kelly (Tec 5) was my father. I have a photo album he put together from his service in the 304th Port Company, 519th Port Battalion.

  4. Hi, Andrew...While reconstructing my late father's WWII album, I was researching a notation he made on the back of a photo that read "Tampico Flats-Some hotel, huh?", and came across your site, and purchased your book. My dad's name is missing from the roster for the 304th port company, but his discharge papers show he was in the 304th Port Company 519th Battalion. He was Sgt Tech 4 Frank G. Svoboda, Cicero, IL (a suburb of Chicago).

  5. Hello. My records have a lot of names that were too faded to read, so I'm he was just one of those illegible names. Glad you found me!

  6. Lisa Penzotti BalschunatMarch 16, 2017 at 7:04 PM

    Hello Andrew, My father was in 304 Port Company. He died in 2014. He was 90 years old. His named was Rick Penzotti. You have him listed as Rick Pinicotti in Dave Weaver's section. I don't know if two soldiers carried guitars in this company (or if your notation is an error about Harley Baily) because my Dad carried his guitar from Indianatown Gap beginning in 1943 and brought it back to the States upon his safe return in 1945. I have photos of the guitar. Many of his army buddies carved their names and nicknames on it. My Mom, who is 91 and lives in Niagara Falls, New York has the guitar in her home. I also have many, many photos that my Dad shot during the war. He was a camera bug. Every chance he got he traded film for cigarettes (he wasn't a smoker) when he was on furlough. In the next day or two, I will email you some of his photos. My Dad was meticulous at identifying guys on the back of his pics. I will do the same. Additionally, I don't see my father's foxhole buddy listed here. His name was Carmen "Sambo" Cutri, from Syracuse, NY. His sister is still living in Syracuse. Ever since 1945, my Dad and Sambo remained great friends. Sambo visited our family every year up until his death in 1985, we also visited he and his family from time to time. I look forward to corresponding with you again in the near future!

    1. Hi Lisa. Could you email me?

    2. Lisa Penzotti BalschunatMarch 17, 2017 at 5:05 PM

      Will do.

  7. Lisa Penzotti BalschunatMarch 16, 2017 at 7:30 PM

    Oops. I'm not sure if my Dad was in Dave Weaver's section. I misread your note toward the bottom of the list.

  8. Michele Wiesbrock PflegerFebruary 27, 2018 at 5:55 PM

    Hi Andrew! I think you have my Father listed here! Tec 5 Aloysius C. Wiesbrock (from Wisc.) except I am pretty sure they never lived in WI before I was born. He/We lived in Wheaton, IL. I remember meeting Dave Weaver & Harold Hack a couple of times when I was young. Some of the other names seem familiar as well. Is there any way to verify if this Wiesbrock is my dad?

    1. Hi Michele. If your dad knew Dave Weaver, then that must be him in in the list. Feel free to email me :)


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