Friday, November 13, 2009

Sports in the Army: Boxing in Antwerp

Reported in the Green Sheet of the Milwaukee Journal, Wed. Dec. 19, 1945.

Germany's surrender in May of 1945 allowed for the safety and free-time needed for sporting events. Some of the 519th's Wisconsin boys organized a boxing club. Dave Weaver told me about this and mentioned that there was an article printed in his hometown paper. Not living in Wisc. myself, I thought there was no way I'd find the article. I was happily proved wrong when I met Bruce Kramlich last weekend. He also is originally from Wisc. His mother saved three copies of this article! He let me borrow one to scan.

On the subject of boxing, this research of mine produced a funny little story. I noticed in his discharge papers that he took a "boxing course" in Paris. I asked him about this, saying I was impressed that he had been a boxer. He wasn't—the "boxing course" was training in packing boxes for supplying the Pacific Theater.

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