Wednesday, October 14, 2009

National Archives fire of 1973

In 1973 a huge fire destroyed the bulk of WWII military personnel records housed at the National Archives' St. Louis, MO building. Their website states that the 1943 unit rosters survived, and morning reports for the war should be available. Sadly, my reply letter from the Archives said they had nothing for my grandfather's unit!

I've been researching my book on the 304th Port Co., 519th Port Bn. since 2006. Mostly I have been interviewing veterans from the unit (my grandfather included). I received an invaluable unit history from the US National Archives in College Park, MD. Thankfully, before the 1973 fire my friend Dave Weaver requested about 10 morning reports surrounding the D-Day invasion. I would have dearly loved to get more. I was also hoping to get a full roster of the men that served in the unit.

If by chance you have some of these records, please let me know!


  1. My father, Pfc. William Wellington Taylor, Jr. was a combat infantryman with the 100t. Infantry Division, 399th. Regiment. His records were also destroyed in the fire and I got the same reply you did when I requested his Military Records.

    I am publishing over 300 letters my dad wrote home during the war. They can be viewed on my blog at

  2. Hi Greg, Have you requested the 100th Inf. Div Historic Report from the National Archives College Park, MD location? Those records would not have been affected by the St. Louis fire.

    I'm reading through your blog. Awesome! And how fortunate that they are all numbered like that. I wish I had my grandpa's letters. His were all thrown away!

  3. Andrew,
    Somehow I missed your response to my email and just now have read it. I will check with College Park. I feel privleged to be able to share my dad's letters. Thank you for the complement and your great blog.


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