Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Training Port Companies at Indiantown Gap Military Reservation

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The 519th Port Bn. was trained at Indiantown Gap, PA. In August of 1943 two reporters from the Philadelphia Inquirer came out to observe the training. Dave Weaver was kind enough to mail me this clipping. I am currently in talks with the paper to get permission to reproduce the full article in my book. It's perfectly acceptable to quote small parts of a published piece, but I'd love to include the whole thing. Hopefully, their reproduction fee won't be to high. I'm just a self-published author without the deep pockets of a big book publisher.

Davis, Grace and Davis, Knickerbacker. “Training Transportation Corps: Port Battalions Load and Unload Ships in Pennsylvania Mountains” in The Philadelphia Inquirer, August 15, 1943.

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