Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Riding 40 and 8s up to Antwerp

The 519th Port Bn. left Utah Beach on November 14th, 1944, on a 5 day train trip to Antwerp, Belgium. I suspect an official Army photographer took these photos, and shared prints with the guys. These photos are from Cortland's album, but alot of the 304th Port Co. veterans have these same shots. Do you recognize any of these faces? (click photo for larger image)

1. Al Wiesbrock, 2. Cutrie, 6. Elmer Beck (the chain-smoking company barber), 7. Bill Schroeder (Green Bay Wisc.), 8. (first name?) St.Peter (a Frenchman)

1. Luke Truro, 2. Salmon?, 3. Roger Dean, 4. Noll, 10. Harley Bailey (of Incline, KY), 13. Harold Haack. 4. Noll (maybe), 5. Verle W. Hamilton (from Danville, IL) gave nicknames to everyone!, 8. Leroy "Shorty" Harringer (from Minneapolis, Minn), 12. Harry Ross (from Chicago). 7. Jack Shireman (from WI), 8. Leroy "Shorty" Harringer, 9. Hal Chitty (from Peoria, IL), 11. David H. Weaver (standing in glasses), 13. Harold Haack (from North Wisc.).

5. Harry Ross (maybe), 8. Morry Klinger (maybe), 2. Herb Koller, 1. James Dolan, 3. Second Lt. Gardner, fresh out of the OCS. 9. Hartung. 4. Sgt. Goncarz.

1. Don Widen, 6. Kelly, 7. Mike Monica,

3. Michael "Mouse" DeLaura, 7. Cutrie, 5. Rick Pinicotti 6. French train conductor. (Note the Transportation Corp emblem on the train's side.)

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