Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Meet Corty Hopkins

Meet my grandfather, Cortland Hopkins. I know him better as "Grandpa Corty." He always preferred "Hoppy" and was called that in the Army, but his older brother has laid claim to that nickname in civilian life. So, while living in Schenectady, NY he has been called "Corty." Now that he is an assisted living community outside the old neighborhood he has gone back to "Hoppy." The staff there love him, and all call him by that name.

This photo was labeled, "Belgium." It's probably Antwerp. Check out the "deuce and a half" GMC 2-ton trucks in the background.

This is a professional photograph, so I presume it was taken either in 1943 (after enlisting) or in 1946 (after returning from Europe). Note the Transportation Corp lapel pin.

This past June my grandfather was interviewed for a D-Day story in the Albany Times Union newspaper. You can see the article online.

Here's Hoppy and my daughter on August 8th, 2009. He's wearing a Colorado shirt from me, and a Coast Guard hat from his eldest grandson. He's turning 95 in November! He has the same smile, doesn't he?

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