Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Guys from the 304th Port Co.

My grandpa has been able to identify some of the guys from his photo album. Above is Sgt. Phillip Rose (from NY?).

Don Hartung (from NJ) picking up a Molotov cocktail left by the Germans on Utah Beach, Normandy. Souvenir hunting was prohibited, and for good reason. One guy was killed by a booby trap while searching for keepsake to bring back home.

T-5 Richard G. Krause from Milwaukee, T-5 William Kelly, and PFC Dominic C. Parise (from NY?) in the apple orchard at Utah Beach.

I don't know the two on the left, but the S/Sgt. is James J. Dolan, a friend of my grandfather.


  1. Photo 17 all the way down is my grandfather Don Hartung, he died when i was nine but his image is still fresh in my mind. It looks exactly like him (but younger!).
    Thank You so much for making this website!

  2. I'm glad you found the site. I'll look for more photos of him.


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